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Upcoming Events & Exhibitions

  • 5-9 June 2015

    INTEC 2015, Coddissia Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore from from 5-9 June 2015 STALL NO. C-140

  • 11-15 Jan. 2016

    MACHAUTO EXPO, Glada Ground Ludhiana from from 11-15 Jan. 2016 STALL NO. B12A

  • 18-21 March 2016

    ENGITECH 2016, Mandi Samiti Ground, Rudrapur from 18-21 March 2016 STALL NO. B-12



The Vertical Milling Machines are heavy metal removal machines. The vertical Milling Machine is normally used in industry, where the surface facing operations of any components may done. The construction of vertical Milling machine is very rigid to keep in view of rough & tough working conditions. The head of Vertical Milling Machine swivel both sides 90 degrees. The all geared vertical milling machine have XYZ axis auto feeds & Rapids.The vertical milling machine is normally used in tool rooms of Forging industry, Auto Parts Industry, Defense workshops, Engineering Colleges, hand tools industries etc. The Vertical milling machine have very durable structure & long life. The hydraulic feed vertical milling machine is used to do mass production & its results are better than conventional gearbox type and manual milling machines.


The Universal Milling Machine or Horizontal Milling Machines normally used on Side & Facing of any jobs. The Universal Milling Machine or Horizontal Milling Machine is used to make keyways, slots, auto-components, Agriculture Parts, Tractor &Truck Parts and in so may other types of industry. The Universal Milling Machine or Horizontal Milling Machine having Ram (overarm) on its body & cutters can be mounted in arbors or directly in spindle for facing. The Universal Milling Machine table can be swivel 45 degrees in both sides. The Horizontal Milling machine table is always fix. The attachments like Vertical attachment, Rack Cutting Attachment, Slotting Attachment, Dividing Head, Machine Vice, Hobbing Attachment could also be fitted on Universal Milling Machine or on Horizontal Milling machine. The Universal Milling Machine or Horizontal Milling Machine are available in Hydraulic variant. The X-Axis Hydraulic Horizontal Milling Machine have Feed cum Rapid to auto operate the machine. The Hydraulic Horizontal Milling Machine is used to do high production for many types of components.


The Ram Turret Milling Machine is a precision & accurate milling machine but a light duty milling machine. The Ram turret machines are generally used in all tool rooms to do small jobs &light metal cutting operations. The head of machine can be tilt FXB35 degrees to LxR 90 degrees. The Rotary of Ram could rotate 360 degree round. The Ram Turret milling machine have belt driven head. Every tool room have requirement of Ram Turret Milling Machine.